Make our team of experienced legal professionals your appellate team. As a general practice firm,  Herrick & Hart handles all types of civil and criminal cases in the trial and appellate courts. This provides a vast bank of knowledge and experience that we can put to work for your particular appeal.

Errors can occur at the trial court level. Sometimes the law is misapplied; sometimes the facts overlooked; sometimes there is an evidentiary or procedural error. Other times, a unique or new situation has presented itself and there is no guiding precedent. In any of these circumstances an appeal may be appropriate.

We work with clients in appeals of civil cases, personal injury, family law, business matters, contract issues, insurance coverage issues, real estate matters, and criminal law. We have successfully worked with clients in numerous appeals in the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. The lawyers of Herrick & Hart's Appellate Group are passionate in their quest for particulars of the facts and applicable law when a case is appealed. We can file an appeal on your behalf, or, defend an appeal filed by your opponent. Clients, and even other lawyers, turn to us to provide counsel or work on their appeal.

If you find yourself with questions about an appeal call the experienced lawyers at Herrick & Hart.

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